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2018 Matthews Small Business Excellence Award

White Knight Steamer has been selected for the 2018 Matthews Small Business Excellence Award in the Carpet Cleaning classification. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners. The Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners...

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Three Steps to a Cleaner Home

It’s a never-ending chore, tasks that must be done each day, each week, each month, each year… That’s right — keeping your house nice and clean and healthy for your family. Keeping your home clean is much easier if you have an easy-to-keep schedule, especially if you...

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How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Grill

There’s nothing more enjoyable to food lovers everywhere than firing up the gas grill and creating some delicious meals, whether steaks, burgers, bratwursts or healthy home-grown vegetables. Keeping that gas grill in good shape is, therefore, paramount to happy...

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Should You Wash Cushion Covers?

It’s a very easy thing to do… you notice your sofa cushions are a little dingy, which is perfectly normal with kids, pets and normal usage. So you decide to do-it-yourself and wash the cushion covers. They come out looking nice. But you also notice a little problem....

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How to Remove Blood Spots from Carpet and Furniture

Blood spots on your carpet or on your furniture… what a terrible thing. Hopefully when it happens, it’s not from a very serious accident. But when it does happen, you must remove it quickly. Blood spots can be removed fairly easily if you get to it quick enough. Of...

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Dust Mites Invading Your Home!

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, you never sleep alone. But don’t panic…those sleeping with you are somewhat peaceful. And not really that noticeable, until the “Welcome” sign goes up and they start inviting a bunch of guests over. Once the invitation...

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It’s Spigot Time!

Each year, just about November, homeowners living in colder climates must think about a simple winterizing job. And if you don’t live in colder climates, read on… because this will help you feel better about where you choose to hang your hat! When winter comes along,...

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Clean It — Don’t Cover It

Odors. They are everywhere. When pleasant, we might call them “scents.” When not-so-pleasant, we might call them malodors. Odors are caused by a variety of sources. Some odors are pleasant, welcoming, such as from a fresh-cut batch of flowers or a nice, home-cooked...

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Cleaning Wool Carpet and Rug: Good or Bad News?

  DID YOU KNOW that choosing a wool carpet or rug for your home is both good news… and sometimes bad? The good news is choosing wool, which is a high quality fiber but not really that popular because of the higher price, means your carpet or rug will last longer, look...

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