I guess it depends…

  • Did you know most carpet cleaning companies have no formal training?
  • They are not required to be licensed in their trade?
  • They are not required to have any certifications?
  • They are not required to have Worker Compensation Insurance if they have 3 employee’s or less in North Carolina?

At the end of the day I guess just about anyone can be a carpet cleaner.  But, do you just want anyone to come into your home?

Unfortunately the cleaning industry is self monitored, with no local or state regulations.  Because of this and low cost start-up, it attracts all types of individuals and companies looking to get into your pocket, not caring about you, your carpet or the damage it does to the industry.  The reality is that when your hiring  a carpet cleaning professional, price is the least important question on the list to ask.

Did you know…
that service companies like HVAC, Plumbers, and Pest Control are just a few service companies that are required to be licensed. They are also required continuing education to stay licensed.  This is not true for carpet cleaners.  Fortunately, there are people in the carpet cleaning industry that realize a need for standards.  In order to do this, associations and certification organizations were created.

One of the largest such organization is called the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). This organization provides instruction and education in many courses in our field.  By attending these courses carpet cleaners are raising the industry standards and professionalism.

So, the question remains, “Does it mean anything?” The answer is Yes, It means a lot!  It means that the certified firm cares enough to get an education.  It means that the certified firm is on the cutting edge of technology and constant changes in our industry.  It means that a certified firm knows what to apply and what not to apply pertaining  to cleaning chemistry and procedures.  It means that the certified firm is working together with other firms to raise the standard of carpet cleaning in general, therefore providing you, the consumer, with a higher quality product and service, while protecting your expensive carpet, furnishings and your family.  Don’t just higher anyone, do your homework!