As the new year approaches, it may begin with it new furnishings for your home, or a renewed desire to keep your existing furnishings beautiful. Yet the realities of daily life can make keeping your furniture clean a challenge. Here are some tips that you can use to keep the furniture in your Charlotte home looking its best throughout 2015.

clean furniture1) Keep Food and Drink Away from Upholstery
Yes, everyone enjoys having a drink and snack while they watch TV in the evenings, but that drink and snack could be dangerous for your upholstery. Stay safe by keeping all foods and drinks out of rooms with upholstery. This will prevent accidental spills and the damage from crumbs on the upholstery.

2) Invest in Professional Cleaning
No matter how careful you are, you will have some dirt that gets on your upholstery. Invest in professional cleaning at least once a year to ensure that the dirt and grime does not have time to settle in. This, combined with your other methods for preventing dirt, will help your upholstery stay beautiful all year long.

3) Add a Stain Protecting Spray
If it’s not possible to keep all food and drink away from your upholstery, invest in something that will protect the surface of the couch or chair. A simple spray-on product can prevent spills from being absorbed into the fabric, so you can wipe them up quickly before they have a chance to soak in. keep in mind that no stain guards can permanently protect the upholstery, so you will still need to sop up spills quickly to avoid stains.

4) Cover in a Sheet when Not Used
Do you have rooms in your home that are used infrequently, or are there times during the week when no one is home to enjoy your furniture? Cover the unused pieces in a clean sheet while you were gone. This prevents dust from settling on the surface and then being pressed into the upholstery when someone sits down. As an added bonus, the sheet will prevent pet hair and oil from getting on the upholstery when you are gone and your pet decides to take a snooze on the couch.